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Lakota Stallions Youth Football is geared for all to enjoy, learn, build character and self esteem, while being parent friendly. The Scholarship Program is the foundation so no player is turned away because  of finances.

Are there Weight Limits?

Yes. See CYFL rules

Is there a Draft?

No. Players do not have to go through work-outs for a draft.

Will my child get playing time?

Every child will start and play entire game on offense or defense as long as the following is achieved. The player’s willingness to play the entire game on offense or defense.

The amount of playing time depends on:

We expect all players to compete for and earn a starting position since only 11 players play at any one time. It is our goal to play as many players as the game dictates and is the head coach’s decision. We also are aware that some parents expect their child to play no matter what, even though the above requirements are not fulfilled.
Our goal, over playing time, is to teach responsibility, accountability, competitiveness, out of control good sportsmanship, playing to and above one’s own ability, and to never give up.

It will be the coaches responsibility to place players in positions that best benefit the team not where the player or parent wants him to play.

Life requires building values, virtues, and character. To play players for just showing up and not filling the above requirements is sending a very bad message. Football is the ultimate team sport as is life. If the above is not your goal, then the program may not be for you and your child.

Do you have to be a Christian to join the Stallions?

No. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to join the Stallions to teach and mentor Christian Faith based values and virtues.

Is a Child Ever Turned Away?

Financial scholarship programs available. If a team is filled a waiting list will be created.

What does the sign-up fee cover?

All practice equipment, balls, tees, liability insurance, web design and hosting, printing, postage,  administration services, guaranteed team rooster spot, field rentals, and port-o-lets, just to mention a few. Does not cover Scholarship Funding.

Are there Fund Raisers?

As of 8/8/11 the following fund rising will involve parents working on sponsorships, donors, raffle tickets(Yellow Tickets), sweepstake tickets(Charity Mania), football Clinics, rooster program ads and donations,  and Football Camps. We do receive funds from Logo Wear and Team Pictures sales. Individual team fund raisers are not permitted without approval. Any fund raiser that is selling a sweepstake or raffle tickets will be for the benefit of the Scholarship Program and/or a Stallion Family that is in extreme health or finances situation limited to the funds available. With the state of the economy as of 8/8/11 fund raising can’t continue to depend on sponsors and donors to support our Scholarship Ministry or Stallion  Families in need.


Registration guarantees a rooster spot on a Stallion team. Refunds are granted for health issues or moving out of the area only. Once practice starts refunds are not granted.

Do parents have to work concession stands?

Yes, if there is one in operation.

How do I purchase equipment?

A Riddell representative will size equipment for each player and equipment will be purchased direct from Riddell.

What kind of Equipment is used?

Top quality equipment utilizing the highest technology including air helmets, excellent pads, and first class uniforms.

How much does the Equipment cost?

Approximately $320 per player (subject to change). All equipment purchased from Riddell. This equipment will last at least 3-6 years.

What equipment is included from Riddell?

Equipment includes Revolution Air helmet, shoulder pads, one game jersey, practice jersey, game pants with pads, practice pants. Parents own the equipment and when child graduates from the Stallions you can donate to the scholarship program or keep.

Where are games played?

Half games at other league teams and half home.

When are games played?

All games played on Saturday for K-1, 2nd, 3rd grades and on Sunday the 4th, 5th, 6th grades play. Bowl games and extra games to be announced.

How do the playoffs and Championship games work?

All teams go to the playoffs leading to the Championship Game for each age level.

When will Practice Start?

Third or 4th  Tuesday of July.

How often do the teams practice?

In the months of July and August, till school starts, there are 3 practices per week only. This is the time for conditioning and teaching skills. Beginning the first full week of school there will be no more than 2 per week practices.

Are the Coaches Trained?

Yes. All coaches each year must attend training through SportsLeader, Dave Cisar’s Winning Youth Football  at a cost paid by each coach. Only first year coaches must supply and pay for a FBI background check.

Is there a maximum of players per team?

The maximum number of players on each team is 22. Only exception is a first year team.

What if we go on vacation during summer practice?

Any practices that are missed will affect the player’s ability to learn and could effect playing time. Those that attend all practices will grow and learn faster.

What are the Parent’s Responsibilities?

Parents, players, and coaches must sign a CYFL and a Stallion contract before practice starts.

Is there a Banquet?

We have decided not to have banquets due to the costs associated. A season end celebration will be held each year and each team can have a gathering.

Help needed?

Please contact us if you would like to help.


The CYFL may present trophies, however, as an organization we will not present individual or team trophies. Each child should remember the experience as to what they learned, the friends they made, and the values they walked away with. It is encouraged that teams do not give individual trophies. The goals of the Stallions/Saints is not to win a trophy. Trophies pale in the light of spiritual achievements by your players in their actions of Virtue that happened every day on your team that go noticed or un-noticed. There is the award! Not some piece of plastic and wood destined to collect dust on some forgotten shelf!

Individual Awards

Stallion football teaches team play and individual awards such as, and not limited to, Best Running back, Best defensive or offensive player. MVP award are not permitted. Awards stickers or individual stickers are not permitted on helmets.

We applaud the athletic efforts of the team to reinforce the importance of teamwork, with each member.
We don't try to build stars. We don't want to over-inflate a young ego, nor do we want to risk injuring the self-esteem of a young person. Whether our kids have good days or bad, they are still an integral part of our team…and always will be.

However personal notes, letters, or verbal praise expressing how much a player has improved, helped the team and/or grown in virtue is strongly encouraged during and after the season.